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meet us

hey, y'all!

Traveling through this life as Adventurers, Dreamers, Wanderers, Doers…

We were always different from the pack – but alike each other in so many ways.  Our creative aspirations and dreams of bigger futures were aligned.  It’s like we expected something big although we didn’t know anything but our small towns. 

After high school we both traveled internationally for the first time.  Jen experienced the Latin vibes of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, while Aly soaked up the sun in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.  It was during these trips that we realized our separate, but yet similar desire to experience more of the world we didn't know. 

We have both been on journeys to many unfamiliar places, interacting with people we never expected to meet.  Every adventure was different, but exciting and rewarding in its own way.  At this point in our lives we have arrived at the same conclusion: to let go of the supposed-to and allow our sense of wanderlust to guide us.  We will constantly be on the look-out for opportunities that give us wings and allow us to soar into the unknown. 

It’s an honor to have you in the passenger seat reading along and following us as we embark on the next exhilarating adventures that grace our futures.  
let's get personal

meet jen

As a small-town kid in Texas I always had dreams of getting out and making “something” of myself.  When I applied to universities within Texas I wanted to attend a school where nobody knew me.  I wanted to start fresh.  My dream and speech to scholarship interview panels was that I hoped to study abroad in Paris and own my own advertising agency in New York City one day.  

I began my college adventure right on track with what I wanted and I was ambitious…maybe a little too ambitious.  The first year of school was a culture shock – transitioning from a small-town to a big city was a little more difficult than I had expected.  I couldn’t earn the grade for the Advertising class I needed in order to pursue my dreams – I was shattered.  Within those first two years of school I changed as a person, but it was a good thing.  After all, smooth seas don’t make for skillful sailors.  

I changed my major from a cut-throat industry to one that allowed me to serve others – hello Human Relations.  I met a guy named Nathan, who ironically was from a small-town himself, and we unexpectedly fell in love (you’ll see him in this blog as our “Camera man”).  I became interested in mission work and before my Senior year of college I spent a summer in Nicaragua serving and loving others in the name of God.  My heart-strings were being pulled to travel and start a non-profit, I just didn’t know where-to and what kind.  
When I graduated the university had a huge ceremony filled with reassuring words about how we – every graduate – would change the world.  I felt empowered and encouraged.  But after that day my job search was unfruitful for months.  There’s no bad feeling like earning a college diploma, wanting to use it to better the world around you, but not having anyone interested in what you have to offer.

I’m now married to my Nathan and we have a sweet Labrador named Riley.  In the years since those trying months after college graduation I have held various jobs.  They were all different, but yet all the same.  I can’t ever get past the “I’m-meant-for-something-bigger” feeling that I so familiarly experienced when I was 18 years old.  My physical being is trapped in an 8-5 schedule, while my creative mind constantly searches for new opportunities to find adventure in this world.   

I know the creative imagination of an 18-year old has been stifled by the fact that time ticks away too fast.  I still want to start that non-profit and serve others; to “change the world” and experience the world; to do so.many.things.  

I’m still young, yes, with (hopefully) quite a few exhilarating years ahead of me, but I will not be complacent.  I'll keep my heart and eyes open for the opportunities that will give me wings.  I hope this blog can be an inspiration – for me, for you.  Join me in this adventure called “LiFE” and together we can chase wanderlust.  
                                                                                                                                                                                            xoxo,                                                                                                                                      Jen
meet aly

Hi y'all, real name is Alycia.

I am someone who tends to go against the grain and believe in unrealistic. This is odd considering I grew up in a tiny German town that sticks to the routine of tradition. Growing up in any small town you admire simple country life and strive for that perfect family with the white picket fence. It’s a beautiful desire that at one point or another I strayed away from. I used to dream of a huge small town wedding and to be happily married with two children by the age of twenty-three. Well, I clearly missed my mark.

Since I can remember, I have always been on a sports/dance team that occupied my time and gave my life purpose. In high school, I knew that I wanted to continue my athletic career on a collegiate scale but being 5’3” I was laughed at more than encouraged. That only fed my fire. I took charge by contacting many volleyball teams across Texas and ultimately accepted a scholarship to a small college four hours away from home.

About this time, I also decided to join a small group that would travel to the south pacific just two weeks after I would graduate high school. These were both big and scary decisions that included leaving my small town comfort zone. I had never been anywhere out of the states nor lived without my family in our hometown. I look back now and realize this was surely the moment my gypsy heart was born. I left my family and boyfriend at home and set out for the foreign lands of Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. It was on this trip that I saw that there was so much more I wanted to experience in life than my small town dreams. I had a new mindset that made me confident and ready to be independent.  

After two years of countless, amazing volleyball memories that still bring me to tears, I just wasn’t ready to be a normal college student. That familiar desire of wanting more was back. Of course I found a University hours from home that was calling my name. I wanted to yet again beat the odds by trying out for their cheer team. Four seasons later, I graduated Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design.

You see, I have always fed off of disapproval and the nonbelievers. No matter what the situation is, if someone openly doubts me I become overwhelmed with determination to prove him or her wrong. I don’t know what it was exactly that made me this way, but the feeling is rewarding. There’s something about the declaration of freeing myself from what everyone is expecting me to do or say. Like, who are you and why do you have a say at what I can or cannot accomplish in my life. Live the life YOU want... Never give up on YOUR passions and do not let others' fears and negativity keep you from doing what you love.  

So here’s where the new journey began. January 2015, just one month after graduating from Lamar University with the glory years behind me. I was a full time athlete for nineteen years and my life truly revolved around practices and games. I never had the chance to breathe and never really realized how much I depended on sports until that moment. I’ll be honest; I kind of panicked when I found myself at the end of a long, drawn-out, high demanding road with nothing meaningful in my future. Throughout the past six years, I always found a new home wherever my newest adventure had taken me. So why not keep moving? I pulled my anxious thoughts together and forced myself to chase my wanderlust yet again.

Never regret your past. It is what will form your soul & make you who you are destined to become.
So learn from it. Continue on. Be bold. Stay anchored to you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          All my love,